In 1950, Mr. Yutaka Kitahara founded the TIGER Company in Nariwa-cho, Okayama which sold, repaired and serviced farm machinery. TIGER's experience of those early years convinced TIGER that the key to success in its industry was supplying reliable machinery, with first-class service to its customers.

In 1963, Mr. Kitahara decided to open a new machine shop. TIGER had been asked by a concrete block manufacturer to design a better concrete block making machine to replace an unreliable piece of equipment they had. TIGER developed for this first customer in this new industry to TIGER then, a concrete mixer, and the first hydraulically operated block machine in Japan. TIGER's first concrete block making machine could make 3 units of 100 mm Wide x 190 mm High x 390 mm Long (a 4" metric concrete block equivalent) higher quality block at-a-time (in one cycle or pressing) with higher efficiency than that of competitive equipment of the times.

In 1971, TIGER moved to the new production facility in Takahashi-Shi, in the Okayama area to redesign, improve and increase the production capacity of its block machines and related equipment.

In early 1979, TIGER purchased the license from the BECO Company in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, to manufacture their "ABC" Product Handling and Curing System. This was a single product pallet handling and curing system for concrete block manufacturing plants. It was a very popular product in the US concrete block industry at that time. TIGER improved its now own "ABC SYSTEM" to satisfy the demands of its Japanese customers and started the sales of this new and improved" product in the autumn of 1979. The advantages of the " TIGER ABC SYSTEM, such as first-in first-out type handling, being capable of fitting in small space, providing flexibility of plant layout configuration, etc. were welcomed by Japanese concrete block & paver manufacturers from the beginning. By the end of 2004, TIGER had sold over 150 improved and upgraded "ABC Systems".

In 1982, Mr. Tetsugoro Kitahara succeeded in the presidency of the TIGER MACHINE COMPANY from his father Mr. Yutaka Kitahara.

In 1986, TIGER used new ideas and technical concepts to allow its quality equipment to make product mold changes in few minutes. TIGER further developed a new series of concrete paving stone (pavers) manufacturing machines named Model series "PS".

This new equipment incorporated the latest innovations required to please TIGER customers and they happily acquired this new series of equipment. Since then, the now famous TIGER "QUICK MOLD CHANGE CONCEPT" machinery has been welcomed by concrete block & paver producers who desire to manufacture their large variety of products in the so-called "JUST-IN TIME" delivery format. TIGER added another type of machine to the Model PS Series in 1987 which can manufacture both pavers and up to 300 mm high (12") retaining-wall type products.

In 1988, with the large success of the Model PS Series of equipment, TIGER introduced its "QUICK MOLD CHANGE" technology to MODEL D Series of concrete block making machines. The new updated Model D Series production speeds improved and their mold change time was substantially reduced.

The Japanese economy peaked around 1990, and the Japanese customers wanted to add many value-added products to their production. This tendency has made Japanese producers that are TIGER's customers very successful until today. TIGER has developed a large variety of special machinery to satisfy the demands of its innovative customers. Thanks to the demand for a variety of specialty equipment, TIGER's design capability has grown each year and today the design division of TIGER has over 40 Engineers, Designers and technical personnel working on machinery improvements, updates, plus new ideas for new machinery and new end products.

In 1997, TIGER decided to enter into the USA market with the machinery sold in Japan and with the technology and services that were satisfying Japanese customers. TIGER found a good agent in Michigan, named "Pathfinder Systems". With the local support of Pathfinder, TIGER has increased its market share in the USA. This has been especially the case with large pallet or "big-board" concrete manufacturing plants. Many of these new state of the art facilities were equipped with specialty splitting lines which are very effective in the production of concrete architectural masonry such as block, pavers and retaining wall units. This new machinery has earned a great and solid reputation for quality and effectiveness, and as such many of the larger concrete masonry products manufacturers in the US have switched or added TIGER equipment to their inventory of quality concrete products making machinery.

TIGER has a spare and wear parts warehouse in Holland, Michigan; capable of delivering these components to customers in the USA and Canada and other areas of the Americas in short notice.

In 1999, TIGER assigned a new agency/representation in Beijing, People's Republic of China (PRC). This agent is G. F. Transnational. With this strong new representation in China, TIGER has grown its market share in China, from humble beginnings to a leadership position today with the largest number of new installation in the PRC.

In 2002, TIGER established TIGER Machine (Tianjin) CO., LTD. in Tianjin, China as the forecast for demand quality concrete products machinery has grown exponentially in that country. Our TIGER manufacturing facility in Tianjin, produces and sells all of the batching and mixing equipment for concrete block and paver plants, the Model M series and Model L series concrete products machines all incorporating quality and "state of the art" Japanese technology.

In December of 2004, TIGER developed an innovative splitter series equipped with rotary blade holders that allows blade changes within five (5) minutes. This innovative splitter series and its flagship the Model TG-12RB were exhibited at the NCMA trade show/fair (National Concrete Masonry Association) in the USA, and it received the highest accolades. Right at the event TIGER made immediate sales of three(3) of these large units followed by multiple sales in Japan by May of 2005.

TIGER has established its "Global Sales Office" in Michigan, USA, to help TIGER market its products, machinery and services throughout the world. Its new facilities will be fully operational by August of 2005. All global inquiries not pertaining to Japan, China, The USA, and Canada will be channeled, and handled through this new facility.

Since 1963, TIGER has been developing and manufacturing high quality, innovative, reliable, easy to operate/ maintain, and durable concrete products machinery; to meet the needs of its customers around the world. TIGER supplies over 70% of all the machinery of this type used in the Japanese market for the production of concrete products such as: Concrete masonry units, paving products, landscape products, and Architectural products among many others.

TIGER continues to research the latest technologies that help them improve & develop new, innovative and reliable products that will be delivered with "First-Class-Service" to their customers. TIGER's goal is to satisfy the industry's needs of today, of the future, of its customers, and of the end users of the products made by their equipment.

TIGER has manufacturing facilities in Japan (Takahashi and Okayama cities), & The People's Republic of China (near the city of Tianjin), plus warehouses for delivery of parts and consumables to their customers, in Asia and the United States of America (Holland, Michigan).

\TIGER celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2005, and looks forward to the next 55 years of innovation, customer service, and helping develop the technologies and the end products that the global markets call for and needs. TIGER technologies help create a better future for humanity with the building of safer, more economical, durable, efficient, aesthetically pleasing and quality made residential buildings and other masonry built structures and pavements that shelter humanity from the elements of nature.