TIGER is the most innovative and versatile manufacturer of concrete products machinery in the world. TIGER produces the most complete and varied product line of any manufacturer in the world today; with multiple series of concrete products manufacturing machines and their corresponding handling equipment for every industry application conceivable. No other supplier of this type of machinery can claim the variety of equipment, its versatility and its quality.

Since our inception 55 years ago we strive to design and manufacture high quality innovative and unique equipment, especially designed to meet our customer's specific needs. TIGER is the leading "custom" manufacturer in the world. At our company we say to our customers and prospective new customers: "Discuss your project with TIGER." No project is too small nor too big.

Our leadership in the industry has given light to an innumerable number of great ideas and concepts. TIGER pioneered fast automatic mold change systems for our equipment capable of changing product molds three (3) minutes or less. TIGER'S specialty programmable vibration systems are the leading standard in the industry by which all other competitors guide themselves.

TIGER equipment's legendary ruggedness/durability, with their high productivity and efficiency, and their low maintenance/production costs, have made its products to be recognized as the premier machinery for the concrete products industry around the world.

TIGER serves its customers around the globe from their manufacturing and design facilities in Takahashi & Okayama in Japan, -its headquarters-, Tianjin, in the People's Republic of China — its smaller equipment manufacturing site. Its International Sales and Marketing Division, serves the world from Portage-Michigan, USA. High quality wear and spare parts and components are delivered around the world in record time from its warehouses in Takahashi-Japan, and from Holland, Michigan-USA.

TIGER'S professional sales and service team around the world, comprised of representation in multiple countries, technical service personnel stationed in key locations in the world, and a network of agents in key countries and regions provide top-class global support.

At TIGER our professional and experienced team can design a production facility plant to fit your production and specialty products manufacturing requirements.

TIGER, not only supplies high quality, durable and efficient machinery, components and parts to our customers. We also provide technical installation and start-up support, training for your plant personnel in the areas of operation, maintenance and safety. With facilities around the world we are ready and at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At TIGER we not only supply machinery and services for our customers we provided the tools for our customers to build quality shelter for humankind around the globe. Our customers supply the quality building materials made by our machinery to build better hospitals, commercial, governmental and industrial facilities, educational facilities, and most importantly; better and disaster resistant affordable housing. It all starts with TIGER machinery.