Tiger can provide all the equipment for a fully complete, operational, turn-key, concrete products plant. Use the toggled sections below to learn more about our equipment, or download our beautiful, full-color equipment catalog here.

mixing-batchingWe supply a variety of innovative mixing and batching equipment. These durable and reliable units are ideally suited for the production of high-quality, semi-dry concrete. We currently offer two distinctive types of mixers to meet various capacity requirements, the RM Series (Spiral Blade) and the DM Series (Turbine Type ).

In each case, we also offer economical auxiliary batching components to help move the concrete mix from the mixer to the concrete products machines.

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concrete-productsWe offer the most extensive range of concrete products machines in our industry. The unmatched variety of sizes and configurations available offer production applications that include retaining wall products, pavers, architectural masonry, and much more.

With our ability to precisely match your production, space and capacity requirements, Tiger always has exactly the right solution for your specific output requirements.

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handling_curingAs with our Concrete Production Machines, we offer more options for handling and curing equipment than anyone in our field. We have developed the industry’s most innovative handling systems, systems that rapidly, yet gently transport the green (uncured) product to its curing chambers (kilns). Once cured, these systems deliver them to their cubing and packaging stations.

From our rack transporting systems, to pallet transporter equipment, to ABC-type handling machinery; TIGER variety and customizability ensure that we can offer the solution, whatever your product handling needs.

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cubing_packagingWe take pride in being able to supply three of the best cubing and packaging systems in the industry. Again, the variety and customizability of our systems is the key to your sucess. Each and every system is available in multiple configurations and can be custom tailored for any type of machine, plant layout and end product.

Our systems are not only easy to operate, but are reliable and rugged. Dependability is built into every facet of their design and every model is constructed to keep up with the speed of the fastest production lines with minimal downtime.

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splittingWe use cutting-edge, innovative design and manufacturing techniques to incorporate the latest technological and mechanical advancements in our splitter systems. Our superior electronics and advanced blade mounting technology offer considerable production advantages over competing systems.

As with all our offerings, we build a wide variety of customizable splitters designed to meet the needs of any productions facility. Whatever the end product application, we can provide the necessary equipment, from retaining wall to any other architectural product.

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moldsOnce again, we are the leader in providing the largest variety of molds, mold components and parts in our industry. Simply and directly put, our systems can manufacture any type of concrete masonry product used in the world today.

More than just offer the widest variety, we manufacture our molds and mold parts to the highest standards and tightest tolerances in the industry. From pavers, to concrete block and brick, to hardscape and landscape products; We have the solution to your needs.

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other_equipmentWe supply the most complete line of ancillary equipment available. Including: product turnovers, product rotators, product tumbling and antiquing machines, product coloring systems, automatic admixture dispensers, automatic and semiautomatic mold changing systems, automated product-pallet accumulators, grinders, as well as cube-pallet accumulators.

Our speciality equipment can enhance your product line and your profitability.

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