Workplace Safety is Important for All Businesses

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Workplace Safety is Important for All Businesses

British Safety Council has re-affirmed its position as an organisation working to encourage awareness and greater understanding that good health and safety management is good for business.

The council has restated this position with World Day for Safety and Health at Work approaching.

“The evidence is clear. It shows that investing in health and safety produces a financial return for employers and helps to improve working conditions for workers,” said Dr Dietmar Elsler, Project Manager at the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. “The Agency demonstrates that it has continued to successfully promote the economic benefits of investing in workplace safety and health by stressing the importance of working together.”

“We know there are many businesses committed to ensuring that their staff are not injured or made ill by their work. There is a growing recognition of the value of a preventative strategy which is beneficial offers to business as well as to government and society overall more widely. As a corporate membership body, we remain committed to capturing and sharing this insight and enabling others to benefit from the learning and innovation that this can create within businesses and business processes.”

health and an estimated 4% of global GDP is lost due to health and safety failure.

Photo by Lauren Wellicome