TIGER MACHINE CO. LTD & Tiger International Inc. take pride on the many avenues of service we provide for our customers. The TIGER group of companies believes that supplying the best quality service in the industry for our customers is our number one priority.

Great service is one of the many attributes that keep TIGER customers coming back to TIGER to fulfill their equipment needs for the production of quality concrete products.

  • TIGER provides a wide range of services in diverse areas as it related to our industry. Among them we have that:
  • TIGER provides field technical services.
  • TIGER provides engineering & design services.
  • TIGER provides sales and after-sales services.
  • TIGER provides end product quality and end product application services

TIGER can provide you as a quality concrete products manufacturer with many field services including: (some services are std. and included with the purchase of TIGER equipment and some are extra-cost and are available optionally, if required)
A-1 In-plant service: Our highly trained and skilled technical service engineers can help with the plant civil works and construction inspections prior to the arrival of the TIGER machinery to the plant site. They can also help with the machinery pre-installation preparation, check of the equipment once arrives at the project site, to inventory, classify and sort all of the components and machinery at the site, with the installation of the equipment and the start up the same.

A-2 Post start-up periodical visits: These are available to make sure the equipment is working at its top efficiency and that the new plant personnel are operating & maintaining the machinery correctly and at peak productivity levels.

A-3 In-plant training: Our service engineers are trained on all areas of our industry as it relate to the manufacture of superb equipment at TIGER, and of the procedures required to make that equipment produce the best quality concrete end-products that is capable of making. TIGER field technical service personnel will train your employees not only how to operate the new TIGER machinery, but will train them on maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, efficient production techniques, and most importantly on safety.

A-4 Technical training seminars: TIGER and its subsidiaries conduct training seminars for our customer’s employees on the same subjects previously mentioned of operation, efficiency, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and safety at diverse location in the world (as needed). These seminars are also conducted at regular intervals at TIGER’s headquarters in Takahashi, Japan.

TIGER delivers engineering and design services to support our equipment in a way that is unique in our industry. Rather than only offer our very diverse and versatile line of products to our customers, TIGER asks, what else can TIGER do for you?

B-1 Specialty equipment: What are your productivity and end product needs, and consequently what are your machinery needs. Tell us your production requirements and TIGER will be more than happy to adapt, modify or even create the machinery that is needed for the project. At TIGER YES is the answer; NO is not an answer. Discuss your project with TIGER

B-2 Project support: The TIGER engineering design departments work together with our field technical staff to provide general support for the project throughout each and every one of its phases.

TIGER is credited with having the most technically qualified sales team in the industry. Our sales representatives are not just sales people, but professional advisors that will truly listen to your machinery and end product needs. They will offer your company the right solutions for your projects.

C-1 Engineering & Marketing: Our sales team is engineering based, trained and oriented; unlike those of other companies that are only commercial people doing technical sales without much knowledge of the product being offered. An engineering sales team well versed on the marketing and commercial aspects of the business is the best option. A team with that technical base will always offer the best alternatives for the project at hand.

C-2 End product & product applications: Our engineering based sales team working with technicians, end product users, and construction people understand the end products our customers make, their details, uses and a applications, making them a valuable knowledge resource for you when implementing marketing of a new end product for your company.

TIGER05_1jpg provides technical training for plant operators both at TIGER’s facilities around the world and at customer plant locations on request and by previous arrangement. Training includes:

  • Operation of the equipment;
  • Maintenance of the equipment;
  • Repair and troubleshooting;
  • Safety;
  • Wear, equipment and mold parts; and other components plant inventory;
  • Basics on electrical, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical training.